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A huge scheme for women has been started by the Government of India, whose benefit will be given to every woman in the country who is pregnant. The government will give a lot of benefits to pregnant women, which we will know in detail.
According to the data of the World Health Organization, there are still women in India who get home delivery during pregnancy due to lack of money. This method is usually very expensive but during this method both mother and child are very There can be all dangers as well, to overcome this big and complex problem, Modi government Suman Yojana Has introduced Suman scheme ie That Safe Maternity Assurance Scheme .

Safe motherhood assurance, as the name implies, to provide assurance to mothers about safety.


Suman Scheme Advantages of safe maternity assurance scheme. Suman Scheme Benefits

Suman Yojana has been started by the government to benefit pregnant women, both mother and child have been fully taken care of under the scheme and they will also be given the following benefits.

  • सारा All the cost of delivery will be borne by the government, if the delivery is normal or does not make any difference through the operation, the entire cost of delivery will be paid by the government itself.
  • भी Women are required to undergo a lot of tests before delivery, but often financially incompetent women are not able to get this test, but under Suman scheme, any test that will be required will be made free by the government.
  • 4 Suman Yojana Under the government not only till delivery but also beyond it, till 6 months after the birth of the child, the government also arranges medicines for both the child and the mother, and also fully takes care that the mother And baby both be safe.
  • 4 if Pregnant woman If there is any problem or if there is any problem during their delivery or if some kind of treatment is needed, then the government will also provide this and the entire expenditure on treatment will also be paid by the government itself.

Surakshit Matritva Aashwasan Suman Scheme Highlights

Name of scheme Safe Maternity Assurance Suman Scheme
Started by By the central government
Beneficiary Pregnant women and newborns
an objective Providing free health services
state For all states
Application process No information right now (will get benefit from offline hospital)

Required Document for Suman Scheme?

  • Mother’s Aadhaar Card (Pregnant Woman)
  • income certificate
  • More documents may be mandatory but we will be able to give you information only when the scheme will be launched.

Objectives of Suraksha Maternity Assurance Scheme, Suman Yojana

There are many women in the country who do not have much money due to lack of money. Pregnancy At the time, she is unable to meet her needs, nor can she be treated smoothly nor can she meet the needs of adequate medicine. And when this happens, women face a lot of problems at the time of delivery, and if something goes wrong then both mother and baby are killed, in view of all these problems by the Government of India. Security Maternity Assurance Scheme i.e Suman Yojana Under this scheme, all the expenses incurred during hospitalization and childbirth during the delivery will be borne by the government as well as benefits will be given to the women from the health of the child to the health of the woman and all The medicines in use will be made available by the government only. Also, the delivery of the woman will be done under the supervision of nurses so that there is no problem in both mother and child.

Benefits of Suraksha Maternity Assurance Suman Scheme

  • 4 Suman Yojana Under the woman, there will be at least four natal checkups, whose expenses will be borne by the government.
  • गर्भवती Pregnant women who are pregnant for the first 6 months will be provided full treatment as well as a checkup during the first trimester with government assistance.
  • 4 Suman Yojana Under this, iron folic acid supplementation will have to be done by women, which will be the responsibility of the hospital.
  • 8 Also Suman Yojana Under this, women will also be vaccinated with tetanus dipyria, so pregnant women will not get any type of disease.
  • 4 Suraksha Matritva Aashwasan Yojana Under this, whatever transportation costs will be incurred to take pregnant women from home to hospital will also be provided by the government.
  • 4 Suman Yojana Under this, women will also be provided with the facility of free C section due to complications during pregnancy.
  • 4 Suraksha Matritva Aashwasan Yojana Under this, free health of women and baby will be provided till 6 months after delivery.
  • तहत Under this scheme, all types of medicines will also be made available to both women and children with government free treatment up to 6 months after the birth.

Health facilities available under Suraksha Matritva Aashwasan Yojana

The government provides health facilities to women and newborns at various levels. Similarly, the following are the facilities provided to women and infants of rural and urban areas under Suman Yojana.


For rural area

  • ➡️ Primary Health Center
  • ➡️ Community Health Center
  • ➡️ Rural Hospital
  • ➡️ Sub District Hospital
  • ➡️ District Hospital
  • ➡️ Medical College Hospital

For urban area

  • ➡️ First Urban Dispensary
  • ➡️ Second Urban Health Post
  • ➡️ Third Maternity Home

Suman Scheme apply. How to apply for the Safe Maternity Assurance Scheme (Suman Yojana)?

Suman Yojana Has been launched by the government at the moment, this plan has just been announced, no such update has been given by the government yet How will the application for Suman scheme be made? But it is also heard that applications for Suman scheme can be made through a government hospital or an online portal can also be created for this. (We will be able to tell you something only when the official update comes)

पेपर The paper has been announced by the government Suman Yojana It seems to be heard that many pregnant women will benefit from this scheme. Now it will be quite interesting to see how Suman plan works.

FAQ Suraksha Matritva Aashwasan Yojana

क्या What is Suman Yojana? / what is Suman Scheme?

Full name of Suman Yojana Security Maternity Assurance Scheme And under this scheme, pregnant women are to be borne by the sister government for their health or the expenses incurred on their treatment.


कब When was the Suman scheme announced? / when the government announced Suman Scheme?

By the government suman yojana Has been announced in October 2019, the scheme will be launched soon.

क्या What is the benefit of Suman Scheme / what is the benefit of Suman Scheme?

Suman yojana The main objective of the scheme is to provide safe motherhood to pregnant women, the main objective of the scheme is to keep both mother and child safe and to incur the cost of treatment or any problem that comes on them, as well as delivery under Suman scheme Provision of medicines for both mother and child is also made after 6 months. The plan is not limited to this, apart from this, if the newborn needs any kind of disease or any kind of test, then its cost will also be borne by the government.

कैसे How to apply for Suman Yojana / how to apply for suman yojana?

Just by the government suman yojana, It has been announced that for this, no application process has been given yet, we will update you through our website as soon as the application process comes. Stay on the website to get information.


क्या What is the eligibility for Suman Yojana / what is the eligibility for suman yojana?

Although nothing has been told by the government yet but it has been learned from sources that suman yojana Under this, such persons, ie such pregnant women can take benefits which fall under the poverty line or their economic condition is very bad.

आवश्यक Documents required to take advantage of Suman Yojana / required document for suman yojana?

  • Mother’s Aadhaar Card (Pregnant Woman)
  • income certificate
  • More documents may be mandatory but we will be able to give you information only when the scheme will be launched.