Old Age pension scheme 2020 Old Age Pension Scheme

Old Age pension scheme 2020, old age pension scheme, how to apply.

Old Age pension scheme 2020, sspy (pension scheme apply): For the living of old people They are given a fixed amount every month by the government, by the government to provide this amount to the elderly Old age pension scheme Has been introduced. This scheme is for the state government and This scheme is implemented in every state. Let’s know Old age pension scheme How can you apply online for

People face problem in applying for old age pension scheme.

Old Age Pension Scheme 2020, sspy Has been started by the government, but there are millions of people who, despite getting older, are not able to take advantage of this scheme, because they Old age scheme The procedure for applying for is not known and if he meets any government employee or broker for application in this scheme then only for application in cable scheme Demand from 2000 to ₹ 5000. You do not need to tell people how much the greed of government employees has increased in India and they do not do any work without taking bribe.


Given all these problems, today we will give you Old Age Pension Scheme 2020, sspy How to apply online, what are the necessary documents for this and who are eligible for this scheme, you are going to give information about all these things through this post.

4Old Age Pension Scheme Highlights4

🔥 Scheme Name Old age pension scheme
🔥 purpose Providing government pension to the needy in old age
🔥 benefits Direct financial aid to bank account
4 beneficiaries Every old person in India
4 states Applicable in all states of India
🔥 application Online and offline
बताया mentioned in this article Process of applying for old age pension in different state and official website

Benefits of Old Age Pension Scheme / Benefits of Old Age pension scheme 2020, sspy

  1. Old Age Pension Scheme 2020, sspy Under the scheme, all old persons are covered, any old person can avail this scheme.
  2. Old Age Pension Scheme 2020, sspy Under the old man can get his disease treated properly, the government has also run Ayushman Bharat Yojana, which can range from children to elderly people.
  3. ■ Under this scheme, the poor, elderly, destitute people get some money every month by the government, so that they can make their living properly.
  4. Old Age Pension Scheme 2020, sspy There is no support of the old person due to which the government supports them and gives them pension amount every month, due to which they can buy their food and drink.
  5. ■ Under this scheme, such persons will be included, who have no daughter or you son in their house, in case they have any support, they will not get the benefit of this scheme.
  6. Old Age Pension Scheme The main purpose of this is to become the old age sticks of old people, under this scheme, no old person becomes a burden on anyone.

Documents required to apply in Old Age Pension Scheme / Old Age pension scheme.

To avail this scheme, the beneficiary should have the necessary documents which are as follows.

  • ◆ Applicant must have Aadhaar Card
  • ◆ Older person should have income certificate
  • ◆ Caste certificate is also required
  • फोटो Photo copy of bank passbook
  • पासपोर्ट Passport Size Photo of Older Person
  • If the applicant comes from the list of BPL ration card, then he has
  • ◆ identity card and
  • ◆ It is also necessary to have a birth certificate.

Keep in mind: – Old Age Pension Scheme The annual income of the increment applying should be less than ₹ 50000. If the annual income of the applicant is more than ₹ 50000, then the benefit of this scheme will not be given to them.


Eligibility of person to apply in Old Age Pension Scheme / Old Age pension scheme.

If any person wants to apply in old age, then they will have to fulfill the eligibility mentioned below.

  1. ● Old Age Pension Scheme / Old Age pension scheme The age of the applicant should be at least 60 years or more.
  2. Old age pension scheme The state government has a plan, therefore, the application should be of the state from which it is applying.
    If the person for example Uttar Pradesh If he is Old age scheme from uttar pradesh Can apply for
  3. ● Applicant Annual income should not exceed ₹ 50000
  4. Old Age Pension Scheme No member of the applicant’s family should be in a government job.
  5. ● A rural person will be given priority for application in this scheme and priority also to those who are financially weak.

How to Apply for Old Age Pension Scheme / How to apply for Old Age Pension Scheme.

First for whichever state you are resident Find website of old age pension scheme . For example here we Uttar Pradesh website Giving information about Generally, the process of application is the same for all states, you are from any state, you can apply for this by adopting this method.

To apply Old Age pension scheme 2020, sspy first you have to go to its official website, click here to go to the website.


Old Age Pension Scheme All-State Official Website

  state name Application link
1 Andra Pradesh Click here
2 Arunachal Pradesh Click here
3 Assam Click here
4 Bihar Click here
5 Chhattisgarh Click here
6 Goa Click here
7 Haryana Click here
8 Himachal Pradesh Click here
9 Jammu and Kashmir Click here
10 Jharkhand Click here
11 Karnataka Click here
12 Kerala Click here
13 Madhya Pradesh Click here
14 Maharashtra Click here
15 Manipur Click here
16 Meghalaya Click here
17 Mizoram Click here
18 Nagaland Click here
19 Orissa Click here
20 Punjab Click here
21 Rajasthan Click here
22 Sikkim Click here
23 Tamil Nadu Click here
24 Telangana Click here
25 Tripura Click here
26 Uttar Pradesh Click here
27 Uttarakhand Click here
28 West Bengal Click here
29 Andaman and Nicobar Click here
30 Chandigarh Click here
31 Dadra and Nagar Haveli Click here
32 Daman and Diu Click here
33 Delhi Click here
34 Lakshadweep Click here
35 Puducherry Click here

एक After visiting the website, one in front of you Open the application form In which you will have to fill all your information correctly, You will have to fill information of date of birth etc. by uploading your photo by entering name and mobile number. When the form is filled correctly, you have to click on the submit button. Old Age pension scheme 2020, sspy
◆ As soon as you click on the submit button, a receipt appears in front of you, which you print and attach all the necessary documents which we have given you above, and attach it to your In the office of BDO which is in the block or else it has to be deposited in the office of Social Welfare Department.

◆ As soon as you District Social Welfare Department Application Form Let’s submit it to the office or block Check the status of your online applicationSu will be accepted. After this, the pension amount will start getting in your account within 2 to 3 months.