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How to open Aadhaar Card Agency from CSC in 2020, how to open Aadhaar Card Agency from CSC 2020

The entire process of opening a new csc aadhaar agency enrollment or updation center through the Common Service Center, follow this process if you want to open your own Aadhaar Card Agency.



How to open Aadhaar Card Center through Common Service Center.

Aadhar Card Center Now the situation is not good if it comes to open, in the present situation it is quite difficult to open an Aadhaar card agency but if you are a common service center operator then you have a golden opportunity. Aadhar Card Agency To open.

As you know Aadhar Card The Unique Identification Authority of India, the making agency, had issued 1 rule to open the agency, in which UIDAI Had told, Aadhaar card agency will be opened either in the government premises or in the bank’s premises.

CSC Aadhar UCL Registration Start, Aadhaar Center CSC Registration Kaise Kare 2020, hurry up.

Through csc CSC Aadhar Card Agency The meeting process has started. Few days ago UIDAI The CSC has been given the recognition of providing Aadhaar service under which the Common Service Center again as before Aadhaar enrollment And Aadhaar Update Will be able to work through its private center.


In the video below, we have CSC Aadhaar UCL Software Registration We have told you the process of the partner, we have given information about which common service center operator will get the base agency. You watch this video and the whole process CSC Aadhaar agency Can know about

Then how can you get Aadhaar card agency through CSC!

This question arises in everyone’s mind, but the answer is also quite simple. CSC Center If only the bank premises are made UIDAI csc aadhaar agency Will give

Big decision of CSC CEO!

CSC CEO of Dinesh Tyagi testifying his cleverness UIDAI According to the rule of Common Service Center Through Aadhaar card agency will be made available.


Bank campus is going to be CSC.

As you might know Common Service Center has HDFC Has entered into a new agreement with the bank. According to this agreement every common service center operator HDFC BANK’s CSP Will be built . that Common Service Center Director HDFC CSP Becomes, it is evident that its common service center has become a banking complex and here UIDAI Also says that the Aadhaar card agency will give it in the banking premises itself. So obviously, CSC will also be able to open an Aadhaar card agency.

Note: – The csc aadhaar agency will be able to take the same CSC operator which will be the CSP of HDFC BANK.

4CSC Aadhaar UCL Software Registeration Highlights4

🔥 Scheme Name CSC Aadhaar Enrollment Agency
🔥 Launched By CSC & UIDAI
🔥 Status Active
🔥 UCL Registration Process CLICK HERE
🔥 CSC Aadhaar UCL Registration Link CLICK HERE

How to take HDFC BANK CSP?

if you HDFC BANK CSP If you want to take, first you have to apply for CSC Bank Mitra, you have to apply IIBF CERTIFICATE Must be,IIBF CERTIFICATE First you have to take IIBF You have to apply on the portal, then you have to pass the exam. You will get this certificate only after passing the exam. When you get this certificate, then you HDFC CSP Will also be found.


How to open HDFC CSP from CSC?

Let’s say you have IIBF If the certificate has arrived, what do you have to do now?
First of all, you have to contact your district manager and tell them that you HDFC Of bank CSP Want to take A zero balance current account will be opened by the District Manager, when your current account opens, you can complete your activation process. HDFC BANK’s CSP You will be able to start at your common service center.

note:-HDFC BANK that the current account will be opened, you only have to open it by the distic manager, if you go to the bank and open the current account then you will not get the facility of HDFC CSP.

Let’s say that you took the CSP of HDFC BANK, now how will you be able to start Aadhaar work.


csc aadhaar agency how to open 2020

As you have come to know by now, the Aadhaar card has to work in the banking premises, and you now also have a bank premises in the coming time. csc aadhaar agency These will be opened inside the CSP itself.

CSC Aadhaar Center Requirements 2020

  • UIDAI certificate
  • Aadhar card
  • Pan card
  • Laptop
  • Printer
  • Iris scanner
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • GPS tracker
  • etc.

How many Aadhaar card agencies are running in HDFC BANK.

if you HDFC BANK If you want to get information about the Aadhaar card agency running inside, then here is the link below, by clicking on it you can see the information of such Aadhar card agency which HDFC BANK Are walking inside




Common service center operator will get double benefit.

If you a Csp operator If you are going to get double benefit in the coming time, first you have a bank CSP You will have another Aadhaar Card Agency With which you will be able to earn well.

Note: – It is certain that the Aadhar card agency will be started in CSC, in the coming time, we will tell you the entire process through this website, then you should keep an eye on this website so that you will get further updates.