How to get a Birth Certificate made? Birth certificate online. Document And Process.

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Birth certificate online: – I have also made my birth certificate Birth Certificate Download Online online, so I will tell you its process very well.

For you as an Indian citizen Birth Certificate It is also very important to have because there are many services in India which benefit Birth Certificate / Birth Certificate Is given only on the basis of Passport Even if you go to get a birth certificate, or if you want to take advantage of some government service, then you also have to Birth Certificate / Birth Certificate Download Have to give.


Today we are going to tell you the entire process of making Birth Certificate / Birth Certificate online, by adopting which you can make your birth certificate online sitting at home.

birth certificate online



By the way, in our country, such a provision has been made that whenever a child is born in a government or private hospital, after the birth of that child, it is done by the hospital itself. Birth certificate download It is given, but many times it happens that if the child is born in a home or in a place where he has not been able to get a birth certificate, then online application can also be made to get a birth certificate.

So let’s know what is the process to get Birth Certificate / Birth Certificate Download Online and how can you get Birth Certificate online / Birth Certificate online.

4Birth certificate online highlights4

🔥 Scheme NameBirth certificate online
🔥 startedBy the central government
4 statesApplicable in all states of India
बताया mentioned in this articleAbout the birth certificate and the process of making it
🔥 benefitsYou can apply for an online birth certificate from home.
🔥 needBirth certificate is required in many government and non-government works and also in getting a government job.


This is such a certificate Due to which a person’s date of birth, age and place of birth of the person is identified. By birth certificate you can take advantage of many government schemes and even to get passport. Birth Certificate To a Mandatory document It is assumed .


Anyway before Birth Certificate Online facility was not provided for making it, but it is a matter of happiness that now online application can also be made to get a birth certificate. Currently applications for the berth certificate can be made both online and offline.

Documents required to make a birth certificate / REQUIRED DOCUMENT FOR BIRTH CERTIFICATE DOWNLOAD ONLINE

If you are going to get a birth certificate, then you must have the following documents for it. Birth certificate banane ke liye document The list is given below.

  • ➡ Child’s guardian i.e. parent’s identity card
  • ➡ Birth certificate
  • ➡ Date of birth of the child and the name of the child
  • ➡ Marriage certificate of parents.

Depending on your state, the demand for documents may be slightly lower. The certificate of marriage of parents is not taken in any state.

How to apply online for making birth certificate / HOW TO APPLY FOR BIRTH CERTIFICATE ONLINE.

By the way Birth certificate The process of making is different for each state. But a portal has been developed by the government from where birth and death certificates can be applied for every state of India and we will tell you that even if you bill from any state of India, you still One can apply for birth certificate very easily.

APPLY BIRTH CERTIFICATE ANY STATE / Online application for birth certificate for any state.

To do this, first you have to go to the official website of the Central Government.



  • 4 crsorgi.gov.in To go to Click here
  • ही As soon as you go to the website, some such page will open in front of you. As we have shown below.

  • ⏩ here you Enter user id password login Will be asked to do. Because you are coming for the first time general public sign up You will have to click on the button and register yourself.
  • 4 general public sign up On clicking, such a registration page will open in front of you, in which you will have to fill your name, email ID, mobile number, date and state, etc. As we have shown.

birth certificate APPLY

  • When your registration Will be on your email User I’d and Password Because of which you will be able to login to the portal and apply to get your birth certificate. Also, applications for birth proof and death proof are also made by login to this portal.

Note: – From this portal if you have a birth certificate or Death certificate If you apply for construction, then the certificate is sent to your gram panchayat within 21 days. 21 days Within you get the birth certificate at your address.


Birth Certificate ONLINE VIDEO

The process to apply for a birth and death certificate from the ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR BIRTH AND DEATH ROBOT CENTRALISED CRS PORTAL / Central Government Portal is explained below through PDF.

Note: – In this PDF, you have been given some declaration forms, which you will download and fill, and then your application for birth certificate will be available.

  1. Declaration form: declaration by parents for obtaining birth certificate


FAQ BIRTHCERTIFICATE 2021 Birth Certificate – Crsorgi.gov.in

⏩ How can I apply for the birth certificate / HOW DO I APPLY FOR BIRTH CERTIFICATE IN INDIA?

Birth certificate You can apply for making either through offline or you can apply through online. We have told you above how to make a birth certificate for the whole of India.

आवश्यक Documents required to produce a Birth Certificate / WHAT ARE THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR BIRTH CERTIFICATE?

To get a birth certificate, you must have a certificate issued by the hospital, if the letter issued by the hospital is not there then you can get a verification letter from any MBBS doctor. Along with this, parent’s certificate and parent’s marriage certificate have to be given. This document may also differ slightly by state.


क्यों Why Birth Certificate is required / WHY BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS IMPORTANT?

In India, if you want to get a passport, then it has been made mandatory to give you a birth certificate. Also, there are many government institutions where a birth certificate is demanded to apply, even a birth certificate is mandatory for admission to school and college.

Conclusion: – Now you know the process of making birth certificate online, if you want to know anything related to birth certificate, then you can ask through the comment.



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