Jan aadhar card

Bhamashah card scheme closed, now Jan Aadhaar card will be made. Jan Aadhar card scheme, eligibility criteria and apply online

Government Bhamashah Card Scheme / bhamashah Card Yojana If you are a Bhamashah card holder, then a new scheme is being started for you people. “Jan Aadhaar Card” And in this article of today we will give you “Jan Aadhaar card” We will give all the information related to it and will also explain why the Bhamashah card scheme was discontinued? Also, what additional benefit will you get from Jan Aadhar card.

Bhamashah card is going to be closed.

New card is going to be launched in the state, this new card is the flagship of the old government Bhamashah is going to replace the card , With the arrival of the new government, the biggest scheme of the state, the Bhamashah card scheme, is also being changed, in such a situation, now the government has replaced the Bhamashah card. “Jan Aadhaar card” Is going to bring, government says Bhamashah replaced card “Jan Aadhaar card” People will get a lot of convenience and it will be much more profitable than Bhamashah Card. People on Jan Aadhar Card Certificate of address As a matter of fact, people will be able to use it as well as “Jan Aadhaar card” as their family identity card. Even 56 government schemes have been included under the Jan Aadhaar card.


Why did the government take such a big step?

Chuka Bhamashah Card was introduced in the last round of 2008 by “Vasundhara Raje”, a minister of BJP. As you know, the Congress government has been formed once again in the state. By the way, even before the formation of the Congress government, the Bhamashah card scheme was strongly opposed by the Congressmen. The reason :- Bhamashah card is said to have a picture of a lotus flower as well as a picture of Vasundhara Radhe ji.

“By the way, the Congress has not discontinued the Bhamashah Card / bhamashah card scheme, rather making some changes in the Bhamashah Card Scheme, the Bhamashah Card Scheme / bhamashah card Yojana has now been changed under” Jan Aadhaar Card Scheme / jan Aadhaar card Yojana “and In place of “Bhamashah card / bhamashah card”, now “Jan Aadhaar card / jan Aadhaar card” will be used.

benefits of bhamashah card /Bhamashah Card Benefits

The bhamashah card scheme is the biggest scheme to benefit the citizens of Rajasthan, under which all the personal benefits of the common people have been added. Under Bhamashah Card Scheme, Bhamashah Cards of 1.74 crore families of the state are being made and under this, the benefit of 56 schemes of the government is also being given. The Bhamashah card is issued in the name of the woman assuming the head of the family and the names of all the family members are attached to it.


How is Jan Aadhaar card different from Bhamashah Card?

Like the Bhamashah card, the Jan Aadhaar card will work almost the same, but the look and feel of the Jan Aadhaar card will remain completely different from the Bhamashah card. Like the Bhamashah card on Jan Aadhaar card, now the lotus picture will not be seen, but its color form will be different. “Jan Aadhaar card” Will have a unique ID of and whose number 10 digits Will be up to

Like bhamashah card, Jan Aadhaar card will also be given the benefit of 56 government schemes, but permission will be allowed to use Jan Aadhaar card as address and family identity card too.

Those who have already got Bhamashah card, will they have to make Jan Aadhaar card?

The government has given a statement on this, that the information of people whose Bhamashah card is already made, is available with the government and the government Jan Aadhar Card Will make and mass card 10 digits Number of these people will be given through SMS. The SMS will be sent to the mobile number registered in the Bhamashah card of the people.


Can people who do not have Bhamashah Card apply for Jan Aadhaar Card?

Yes If you are from Rajasthan and you meet the eligibility of Bhamashah card scheme then now you Jan Aadhaar card To make your Nearest Common Service Center or e-Mitra Center You can go and apply and get your Jan Aadhaar card.

Jan Aadhaar card will get recognition in the form of address and identity card.

Under the proposal prepared by the government, a database of information will be prepared and each family will be provided a number, a card or an identity card. It will also be recognized as the identity and address document of the family and member.

Moreover, if you want to get the amount of grant received by the government in the state, then your verification will be done there only through Aadhaar card and Jan Aadhaar card.


Note: – Aadhar card and Jan Aadhaar card will be mandatory for direct benefit transfer and non-cash benefits.

Jan Aadhaar card will also remain like Bhamashah card, under this also the woman of the head family will be considered and the names of the remaining members will be added.

If you are already registered for Bhamashah Card then Jan Aadhaar card number will be given to you by SMS.

If you are a registered family under Bhamashah Card Scheme, then you will not have to reapply or register for Jan Aadhaar Card. Jan Aadhaar card number will be sent by the government to your registered mobile number via SMS, even Jan Aadhaar card number can be given to you through voice call.


Even the Jan Aadhaar card will be distributed free of charge through the civic body, Panchayat Raj and Imitra. Jan Aadhaar card can be downloaded for free through e-card, Jan Aadhaar portal or SSO ID.

Jan Aadhar card application, correction, download.

If you want to apply for Jan Aadhaar card, then you can also apply through the civic body nearest Common Service Center or Imitra Center. Also, if you want to update your information in Bhamashah card in “Jan Aadhar Card / Jan Aadhar card scheme”, then you can get it done through these centers.

“Jan Aadhaar card can be downloaded for free through e-card, Jan Aadhaar portal or SSO ID.”


Benefits of Jan Aadhar Card or Bhamashah Card / Jan Aadhar Card benefits

  • ➡ Women empowerment and self-reliance will be promoted.
  • समावेश Financial inclusion for all categories.
  • सीधा Direct cash transfer to the bank account of the beneficiaries
  • स्थापना Establish correct identification of family members.
  • Banking Services nearby ➡
  • लाभ Benefits of more than 56 government schemes
  • ➡ Jan Aadhaar card can also be used as address and family certificate.
  • ➡ Social Security Pension, Scholarship Scheme NREGA Benefits of schemes as payment.

Documents required for Jan Aadhar Card / Required Document For Jan Aadhar Card

  • ➡ identity card
  • ➡ Aadhaar Card
  • ➡ Ration Card
  • ➡ PAN card
  • ➡ Address proof (water bill or electricity bill or telephone bill as address proof)
  • ➡ Applicant passport size photo
  • ➡ bank account passbook
  • ➡ current mobile number

Note: – Head of the Jan Aadhaar card family has paid attention “Female head” If all the documents have been created by assuming “Female head” Will have to be installed only.


How to apply for Jan Aadhar card

You can apply both online and offline to create Jan Aadhaar card. Online application you “SSO Rajasthan” You can apply offline by visiting the official website of Nearest Common Service Center or e-Mitra Center You can also go to


note :- The government has just announced that the Jan Aadhaar card scheme will be replaced in place of Bhamashah card scheme and Jan Aadhaar card will be used in place of Bhamashah card. The application for Jan Aadhaar card is not started yet, as soon as the application starts, we will give you an update through this website. Till then you can bookmark this page and keep it or else you keep checking this page continuously.